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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Something to crow about - the easiest and best Roasted Chicken

I did not grow up eating roasted chicken and always thought of it as "fancy".  That's silly.  It's amazing...and roasting a pair is no harder than cooking up a single...Besides, you end up with a lot of chicken meat for enchiladas, or chicken casserole or chicken salad...etc.

When you're dealing with this simple of a recipe, the quality of the ingredients really matters...I go for the Smart Chicken whole roaster.  Go big, man.  Meatier is gooder!

Wash the chicken inside and out.   Dry it with paper towels and then salt and pepper the chicken well.  Take a whole lemon, cut the ends off and cut the middle into quarters.  Cut one head of garlic horizontally like a sandwich and shove lemon and garlic in the cavity along with a good handful of fresh parsley...no need to cut up the green.  Stuff it in there.  Ideally it's all tied up with the legs in tight, however, if the thought of tying that bad boy up scares you enough not to cook this up, don't sweat it. 

Drizzle about a tablespoon of olive oil over the outside of the chicken (I rub it with my hands a bit).

Cut one large onion in thick slices (maybe about 1/2 inch thick)  - separate the rings and spread them out in a roasting pan or 9 x 13.  You can also put some cut up potatoes and carrots with those.  Set Mr. chicken on top of the veggies and roast at 450 for about 1 hours 15 minutes.  The veggies act like a rack and they soak up all of that chickeny goodness.  Once cooked, set the chicken aside, and cover with foil.  Discard the onions, and put the other veggies aside and keep warm.  Put the roasting pan on top of the stove with 2 burners on med high.  sprinkle the drippings with about 1/3 cup of flour...whisk and brown for about 2-3 minutes then add enough chicken broth to make a gravy...simmer it for a minute or two to see how thick it will get...it will be darker that expected but so good.

Serve it sliced or in section (a leg thigh, etc.)  with the veggies on the side and that amazing gravy. 

This is simple but amazing.  Happy Eating

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