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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I awoke thinking of Chorizo

Chorizo in Nebraska grocery stores...the kind in the long tube package...is TRULY HORRID. 

However, La Mexicana market near downtown Lincoln, NE makes great chorizo.  It's so flavorful that it can be used not just as a protein but as a flavoring. 

And if you haven't been to the market, it's a true treat.  Full of great stuff...the sweet rolls are in a case between the meat counter and the restaurant and can't be missed.  Though the produce section is small..the cilantro is almost always perfect.  There are usually homemade tamales on the front counter on weekend mornings.  Yummy.

One caution...the ceiling is covered with pinatas.  If you take a child into the store, be prepared to take a pinata out. Just sayin.

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  1. Lori: This is CRAZY!! After your bad Friday this week, I thought of inviting you and the hubby to join us and another couple at La Mexicana (restaurant portion) for dinner and the BEST margaritas in town! But was afraid you would have no one to watch the wee one on short notice, and the trip from Waverly might not have been wanted after such a day...now we will DEFINITELY have to plan it in advance sometime...maybe when Katie will be home so she can "babysit" and T can meet my dogs Ruger and Mia.... :)