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Monday, March 14, 2011

Legends in Lincoln - that's NOT good eating

I don't usually do this but I had one of the worst dining experiences of my entire life on Saturday. And I won't be back but what I would also like to do is to keep others from having a similar experience.

After a fun day at the horse show, Craig, Tessa and I stopped by Legends sports bar in Lincoln (84th and Holdredge) for lunch.  We've been there many times before and for sports bars, it wasn't bad.  Lots of TVs for the hubby to catch up on basketball..TVs in the booths to keep a 5 year old occupied and decent enough burgers,  all in a comfortable environment.

What we experienced this time was wildly different.  First, we tried 4 different booths before giving up on a working TV in the booth.  All were not working.  There were a few TVs on overhead but the four large screens were blank.  The waitress informed us that they were "busted".  The sports experience was lost.  The hope of entertainment for our daughter, dashed.  No colors and placements, no TV and REALLY slow service.  We watched wait staff just going from table to table trying to figure out where food went.  The table next to us had food for their 6 guests come out seperately and then they sat there for about 5 minutes without silverware or napkins.  We had to go ask where our order was at.  We didn't get silverware either and when we asked, it took a while.  The fries were soggy, the portions were meager, and generally, the food was not good.  My burger was tasteless.  My daughter got 2 chicken strips in an order which seemed lame.  We watched people sit down, wait 10 minutes without anyone bringning a menu, water, nothin.  One table turned several times...people just got up and left. 

The sports memorbilia on the walls had been removed and the walls were half painted.  The bathroom was out of paper towels.  There were platforms where there perviously were booths...now tables and chairs...don't sit there...you are dangerously close to having your chair fall off the platform.  Not that anyone would care.

Let me say this...our waitress tried but frankly, she didn't and couldn't get it done in that environment. 

A large group of Boys Basketball fans from Blair came in and I was just hoping that this didn't sour their opinion of Lincoln.

We heard from a "regular" that they are trying to turn it into more of a restaurant. Great...I just don't want to be the "test subject" patron while they figure that out.

Food - D
Atmosphere - F
Service - D
overall experience - just on principle - FFFFFFF

Be warned.  DO NOT GO TO LEGENDS. There is my public service announcement for the day!!

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